Launch of a unique experimental site in France

A full-scale test bed and a genuine tool for study and research, it enables the wastewater treatment capability and performance of the PureStation® to be tested and evaluated in real conditions. Daily analysis of effluents enables us to continue improving the PureStation® treatment and quality.  social concept of rolex replica watches,will you actually Rolex Replica established swiss rolex replica out to determine

Clean water for a healthy world

World Water Day is celebrated every year on the 22 March in order to draw the attention of the general public and decision-makers to the importance of this vital resource, the source of life on Earth.

The quality of our water resources is increasingly threatened by pollution. The pollution
replica watches of hydrological resources never before witnessed in our history can be attributed to human activity over the last 50 years. According to estimates, over 2.5 billion people in the world live Swiss Replica Watches without adequate replica watches means of sanitation. Every day, 2 million tonnes of wastewater and other effluents infiltrate the planet's water tables. The problem is even more serious in developing countries where over 90% of sewage and 70% of untreated industrial waste are discharged into surface water. Replica Handbags     For more information, visit